Write Your @ss Off Day

You’re all doing this, right? My WYAOD is Saturday, and I’ve even plotted myself on the map. Click on the link below and then put yourself on the map! I’m hoping for a good blog entry on Sunday morning, telling you of my progress. I’ve been miserably stalled for a good week or so, and I’m praying that writing my ass off will help.
I may even post a little when I’m done.
Gaaa! Got to get to the day job!

4 thoughts on “Write Your @ss Off Day

  1. Postman

    I just may have to give this a shot. I'm in a stagnant period myself. Only revising my manuscript but with about a gazillion short story ideas and just-begun WIPs sitting around. Maybe I could get a few of those sci-fi and short fiction works knocked off…

    I think I'll do Tuesday the ninth. Thanks for the inspiration.


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