Bart Simpson makes me feel smart…

I’ve been guilty of WBN (wicked blog neglect) and for that I apologize unreservedly. Work has got busy – seriously cutting into my goofing off time – and my book is going well. So far. My critique partners are intelligent and talented, and help keep my verbs lovely and active when I very much err to the passive.

My ankles are much better and I’ve found a bunch of new websites to crush on and to use as my master procrastination tool. I’m wicked looking forward to Paranormalcy coming out in September (I’ve already pre-ordered!) and I’m super-excited to be visiting my home country in July.

But aside from all that exuberance – things are trotting on fairly normally. I’ve downloaded some great research books to my beloved Kindle and have been using the old “I’m kind of writing because I’m reading about writing” excuse.

But reading YA and books like True Blood etc on my Kindle always brings me down a little. I’m in the midst of reading about fraught vampire relationships (and similar), feel sleepy, so I slide my little power button over and whoosh… Albert Einstein or Virginia Woolf is looking at up me, judging me for reading such frivolous material. And I go to sleep feeling a little – well, lacking in the literary gene.

So – I’m thinking of starting a petition for Kindle to use more contemporary author screen savers – or even cartoons – so that whatever you’re reading will feel positively high-brow when you close your Kindle with Bart Simpson looking at you.

Ideas for new screen savers anyone?


4 thoughts on “Bart Simpson makes me feel smart…

  1. DL Hammons

    Welcome back…again. 🙂

    I think a cool screen saver for your Kindle would be something like you get from Wordle…a word cloud. Know what I'm talking about?

  2. Suze

    Thank you DL 🙂 I'm hoping to stay regular now. And I don't mean by eating All Bran! I do know about Wordles and I wonder if I can upload my book Wordle that I made a little while ago…. hmmm… That's a great idea…

  3. Melissa

    DL is right. I love word clouds! I made one ages ago and it's my screensaver, it always cheers me up. (It has stuff from my writing in it!)

  4. Suze

    Hi Melissa! I've made one out of my WIP, and I love just gazing at it. I did see an author's Wordle one time where she rather ruefully mentioned that the Wordle made her realize that she used the words “totally” and “like” waaay too much. So it's good for that too!


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