Kidlit critique partner search rides again!

Just got back from the good old motherland to see that Mary Kole has opened her site again – – to people looking for critique partners for YA, MG and other children’s writers. It’s a great opportunity to get fresh eyes on a WIP and to practice giving good feedback!

More on my trip to the UK later 🙂

2 thoughts on “Kidlit critique partner search rides again!

  1. Jeff King

    Thx for the link… and i hope you continue to write–as a “struggling” author I know self-doubt is always trying to drag us down.
    Also remember writing is very subjective, haven’t you ever read a book a person or the whole world seemed to love and you just hated it?
    Everything we go through is a learning experience and if you can take it as such… then maybe you should just write for fun and not pursue getting published.
    Even if your work is excellent, your idea might not be what the market is looking for yet. Thousands of worthy writes get passed over every day. Keep your head up and push on–or tuck you head down and write for friends or family.

    Either way, I hope you keep writing. It truly helps you grow, inside and out.



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