August is the Month!

I’m finishing my WIP, and as I have previously mentioned, I CANNOT stop tinkering with it! So in order to give myself a real, live, don’t-miss-it-or-else-deadline, I have signed up for…

 …which I’m insanely excited about. I had no idea that NaNoWriMo ran any other month than November, but Rachel from my writing group mentioned last night that they also run it in June and August. I will be starting a new ms, in a whole new genre and that alone is exciting/freaking me out, so we’ll see how I do under the pressure of 50k words in a month!

Also in August is the ever-fabulous WriteOnCon (see countdown widget on the right). I’ve already made sure I am not working on the 14th and 15th of August so that I can immerse myself in the sessions.

I say again: August is the Month! Is anyone else doing Camp NaNo? Is anyone attending WriteOn Con? What are you most looking forward to?


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