New Year Resolutions

Come on, we all do them. Even if we don’t admit it (to others). In fact my husband and I do joint ones as well as individual ones, just to hold each other accountable! We review them on our respective birthdays, which are equally spaced through the year, to keep on track. We accomplished only five of last year’s eleven resolutions. And he did better than me. Pfft.

My main resolution this year is to write four books. Maybe three full-lengths and a novella. Not 100% sure yet. I’ve made some headway on my first one, so things are – touch wood – on track.

One important one to me is for us to try to live our Sundays totally off line (unless work emergencies call for being on-line). Hopefully this will allow us to catch up, go back to shooting trap at the range, go to the movies and all without the guilt of not being contactable. Hmmm..well we’ll see how that one goes.

I’d also love to learn how to make an unusual cocktail every month. Weird, I know. But I get so jealous of those people who live in big, lovely cities who can nip into a bar or a restaurant and ask for the zeitgeist cocktail and not have the bartender look blank. So I’m open to suggestions and recipes too. This photo is of a HUGE cocktail I shared with my friend and colleague, Tahra (@calixofcoffee), in Vegas, in August, which was pretty much the LAST cocktail I had *sobs* Image

What are YOUR resolutions, or favorite cocktails, come to that? Leave me a comment, and at the end of February, I’ll give away a signed copy of Ophelia London’s ABBY ROAD in paperback to a random commenter, and a special prize to the person who points me in the direction of a yummy cocktail!

Happy New Year!


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