Interrupting our regular programming…

This is a quick, personal request. If you like reading, or writing, about military heroes, please consider donating a few dollars to help the families of real combat heroes who have fallen.

This fundraiser is close to my heart, as my husband will be competing, and knows too many TACPs who have been lost while serving the country. Among other things, this fund helps the families of those brave combat airmen who made the ultimate sacrifice.TACP Association

This is the link for the fundraiser. TACP Association Fundraiser

If you click on “Make a donation”, you can highlight whatever monetary amount appears in bold type, and change it to the amount you wish to donate. $1 is really appreciated, anything extra is awesome.


If you’re not sure what a TACP does, or is (and really, who would?) Here’s a quick peek at what they have to do just in training 🙂

Thank you. We will be back to our regular programming soon 🙂


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