The most bizarre book giveaway…

I’m a bit of a sucker for the quirky book, so when I saw Jenny Mollen‘s debut collection of essays about her life, I thought it seemed like a good summer read (I was right, by the way). She’s an actress-slash-comedien married to the slightly more famous Jason Biggs – best known for apple pies, but currently starring in Orange is the New Black on Netflix.

ILYJTWIA“i like you just the way i am” is a super-fast read, laugh-out-loud hilarious, and also a deeply disturbing look into the mind of a…well I’m not really qualified to pass judgement, but I’d say, a complicated person. I read it in one sitting, gasped a few times, but mainly winced and laughed. It’s very, very funny, and I hope to God her exploits were vastly exaggerated. Otherwise she’s very lucky she made it this far.

Anyhoo, Jenny and St. Martin’s Press announced a book launch promotion: send proof of pre-order to St. Martin’s and Jenny would send you something of Jason’s that she hates.

This has resulted in some funny and funny-weird tweets about what people had been sent. From an old camera, a dressing gown smelling of crayons, a virtually dead (and very old) Kindle, to what I received.

So, if you’ve ever given Jason Biggs a hamburger press from Sur La Table, probably around 3-4 years ago, judging by the scuffed wrapping, then I’m sorry: he never used it, and his wife never liked it. And now it’s mine:

Weirdest Book Giveaway Ever


So, what’s the weirdest book launch giveaway have you ever heard of? Also, I have one copy to give away. Best weird book giveaway commenter gets it!



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