NetGalley, Goodreads and stuff…

Since I’m now officially less than a month to launch date, a fact that you wouldn’t know from Amazon of course, I thought I’d shamelessly publish some links.

NetGalley is a mythical beast to me. Even though I’m an editor, that part of the business is totally alien to me. I’d heard of it, and I knew that it was a way to get advance copies into readers hands, but that one day my own book would be nestling in their pages was way out there. Like…I don’t know, another Brit winning at Wimbledon, or, say, the England team GETTING PAST THE GROUP STAGE IN THE WORLD CUP (no I’m not sore about that at all). Basically this is my way of saying that I’ve been stroking my cursor down the cover of my book on NetGalley. Maybe I’m just weird like that. But it’s MY BOOK. On NETGALLEY.

So, if you are a book blogger and you’d like an Advance Reader Copy, DANGEROUS TERRITORY is now available for request on NetGalley here (yes, just click on those abs).

Dangerous Territory











The whole series is also on Goodreads, so if you think that maybe, perhaps, when the planets align, you might want to read one of my books at some stage, then you may add it to your shelves here (yes, click on those lovely abs again).












And if by chance, you read it, and would like to leave a review, that would be awesome too. But frankly, I’m just going to be happy that someone who isn’t contractually obliged to do so, has actually read it!



3 thoughts on “NetGalley, Goodreads and stuff…

  1. maggiekelleyromance

    Okay, I think I already commented, but since I don’t see it…
    You are already on my TBR and I am ready to read and tweet and all the good stuff.


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