News and Facebook

I am probably the last Facebook holdout you know aside from maybe your grandparents. After years (okay, I’m going to actually check). After nine years of telling people how evil Facebook was, and how when the aliens land, they will know where to find you because Facebook will tell them…after all my conspiracy theories, distain, and a slightly superior way of saying, “sorry, we’re not on Facebook”, I caved.

Lets do this






I friended a few people from school. And then waited. And waited. Nothing.

No Friends





After an embarrassingly long period, I realized that I had joined under my pen name and not my real name and all my old school friends were probably giving my friend requests the

Who are you






Anyway, with all that sorted out, I’ve got back in touch with a bunch of my lovely school friends and I realized that Facebook is filling a place in my heart that is always homesick and missing the friends who I lost touch with. So me and Jesse Eisenberg are good now. (Yes, I know.)

So here I am… on Facebook

It does amuse me that periodically a message form Facebook pops up at the top of my timeline asking me if I live in London, California, Abu Dhabi or Connecticut. Kind of like an unsubtle crush trying to find out where you live. Keep guessing, Facebook. I’m determined to be safe from the alien invasion.

Stay tuned for OVER THE LINE release day giveaways on October 7th and other shenanigans during that whole week. If you have a review blog, don’t forget that book two is up on NetGalley!







4 thoughts on “News and Facebook

  1. andria816

    Welcome to the dark side! This might seem unfathomable, but I like FB better than Twitter. It feels cozier to me. Then again, I still have AOL, so I’m basically a relic myself.


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