Round-Up of Giveaways and a favor!

So the clock is ticking towards the release date of OVER THE LINE and I’m getting sweaty hands wondering whether or not people will like it. It was the book closest to my heart, and I sincerely hope I’ve done the characters justice!

Right now most retailers (excepting of course Amazon, and for those new to this, the reason is here) are offering a pre-order sale for my book. I think mostly it’s a dollar or more off. So if you were maybe, perhaps, possibly thinking of trying OVER THE LINE (pause to look at the cover),

Over The Line

then instead of buying the e-book for $3.99 on Tuesday, you can pre-order it for around $2.39 – $2.99 at the other retailers right now!

Barnes and Noble USA | iTunes | Kobo | | GooglePlay

Of course, if you prefer to actually have him, err…I mean IT, in your hands, the paperback is also available for pre-order, and both e-book and paperback will be available from Amazon on October 7th.

As well as the sale, I have two giveaways going right now!

Goodreads has an internationally open giveaway, for three signed paperbacks of OVER THE LINE + swag, and one lucky winner will get an Alpha Ops t-shirt too! The giveaway ends on Monday 6th October 2104.

Also the lovely review blog, TBQ Book Palace are also running an international giveaway for signed books and a t-shirt. That giveaway closes on October 8th, 2014.

And then after all those giveaways, I have a favor to ask. If you have a Goodreads account and you’d like to help OVER THE LINE nudge up the charts a little, would you vote for me here? I’m currently #83. Thank you so much.

Gif I love you


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