Voting (and Release) Day

Obviously today is a really important day… it’s the day you go an exercise your rights and vote for the people you want to be in charge of your lovely country. Whoever you’re inclined to vote for, make sure you go vote.

Once you’ve done that, perhaps you would consider checking out PUSHING THE LIMIT, which is the third book in the Alpha Ops series. It’s about an archaeologist and a an Airman who have to solve a mystery buried in the sands of Iraq. It’s sexy, it’s suspensey, it’s my fave. The links are below.

Amazon US  | Amazon UK | iTunes | Amazon Canada | Amazon Australia | Kobo | GooglePlay B&N

After all, what will you do with all that time tomorrow when you won’t have those super-interesting political TV ads to watch?

PushingTheLimit_Fin big

BTW If you post a photo of your “I VOTED” sticker with any Alpha Ops book on my Facebook page, I will probably go ahead and send you swag 🙂



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