Voting (and Release) Day

Obviously today is a really important day… it’s the day you go an exercise your rights and vote for the people you want to be in charge of your lovely country. Whoever you’re inclined to vote for, make sure you go vote.

Once you’ve done that, perhaps you would consider checking out PUSHING THE LIMIT, which is the third book in the Alpha Ops series. It’s about an archaeologist and a an Airman who have to solve a mystery buried in the sands of Iraq. It’s sexy, it’s suspensey, it’s my fave. The links are below.

Amazon US  | Amazon UK | iTunes | Amazon Canada | Amazon Australia | Kobo | GooglePlay B&N

After all, what will you do with all that time tomorrow when you won’t have those super-interesting political TV ads to watch?

PushingTheLimit_Fin big

BTW If you post a photo of your “I VOTED” sticker with any Alpha Ops book on my Facebook page, I will probably go ahead and send you swag 🙂



Round-Up of Giveaways and a favor!

So the clock is ticking towards the release date of OVER THE LINE and I’m getting sweaty hands wondering whether or not people will like it. It was the book closest to my heart, and I sincerely hope I’ve done the characters justice!

Right now most retailers (excepting of course Amazon, and for those new to this, the reason is here) are offering a pre-order sale for my book. I think mostly it’s a dollar or more off. So if you were maybe, perhaps, possibly thinking of trying OVER THE LINE (pause to look at the cover),

Over The Line

then instead of buying the e-book for $3.99 on Tuesday, you can pre-order it for around $2.39 – $2.99 at the other retailers right now!

Barnes and Noble USA | iTunes | Kobo | | GooglePlay

Of course, if you prefer to actually have him, err…I mean IT, in your hands, the paperback is also available for pre-order, and both e-book and paperback will be available from Amazon on October 7th.

As well as the sale, I have two giveaways going right now!

Goodreads has an internationally open giveaway, for three signed paperbacks of OVER THE LINE + swag, and one lucky winner will get an Alpha Ops t-shirt too! The giveaway ends on Monday 6th October 2104.

Also the lovely review blog, TBQ Book Palace are also running an international giveaway for signed books and a t-shirt. That giveaway closes on October 8th, 2014.

And then after all those giveaways, I have a favor to ask. If you have a Goodreads account and you’d like to help OVER THE LINE nudge up the charts a little, would you vote for me here? I’m currently #83. Thank you so much.

Gif I love you

International Goodreads Giveaway

Just a quick note to tell you that I’m giving three signed copies of OVER THE LINE (with swag) in time for its release on October 7th. The draw runs until the 6th, so go enter now! One winner will also get an Alpha Ops t-shirt, modeled here:

You know you want one...

You know you want one…









So clickety click here for your entry… and don’t forget it’s open internationally… so if you have any type of mail service…I can get the books to you!

News and Facebook

I am probably the last Facebook holdout you know aside from maybe your grandparents. After years (okay, I’m going to actually check). After nine years of telling people how evil Facebook was, and how when the aliens land, they will know where to find you because Facebook will tell them…after all my conspiracy theories, distain, and a slightly superior way of saying, “sorry, we’re not on Facebook”, I caved.

Lets do this






I friended a few people from school. And then waited. And waited. Nothing.

No Friends





After an embarrassingly long period, I realized that I had joined under my pen name and not my real name and all my old school friends were probably giving my friend requests the

Who are you






Anyway, with all that sorted out, I’ve got back in touch with a bunch of my lovely school friends and I realized that Facebook is filling a place in my heart that is always homesick and missing the friends who I lost touch with. So me and Jesse Eisenberg are good now. (Yes, I know.)

So here I am… on Facebook

It does amuse me that periodically a message form Facebook pops up at the top of my timeline asking me if I live in London, California, Abu Dhabi or Connecticut. Kind of like an unsubtle crush trying to find out where you live. Keep guessing, Facebook. I’m determined to be safe from the alien invasion.

Stay tuned for OVER THE LINE release day giveaways on October 7th and other shenanigans during that whole week. If you have a review blog, don’t forget that book two is up on NetGalley!






Release week swag giveaway!

So last week really happened! My debut novella DANGEROUS TERRITORY was released out in the world as the pre-cursor to the rest of the Alpha Ops series.

Things I learned from my launch:

You CAN have too much swag even if it’s pretty and you love it so.*


Shortbread Cookies from Tahra

It is totally okay to lick a cover, if the cover happens to be on a cookie.

Your refresh button can and will wear out. (at least that is what you will try to convince yourself)

Never underestimate the kindness of strangers (especially bloggers)


*And speaking of too much swag and lovely bloggers, Straight Shootin’ Book Reviews is doing a huge swag giveaway here: up for grabs are bookmarks, magnets, postcards, cookies and a t-shirt. Go grab an entry or two, no purchase necessary 😉








Also, last week DANGEROUS TERRITORY was voted best book by Long and Short Reviews. They even gave me a little logo!

BoM July 2014 Dangerous Territory







So all in all it was a great week. I’d like to thank Mandy and Tahra and Mary for the huge support, and of course everyone who has outlaid the 99c to try my book!

Thank you! And don’t forget to enter the Big Swag Giveaway!



It’s been a long time a-coming, but today is release day for the Alpha Ops series opener, DANGEROUS TERRITORY. It’s a 99c novella, so why not give it a try? *Nudge, nudge, wink, wink* All the buy links are on this site’s home page.

And while you’re on your favorite book retailer website, please also go look for Lia Riley’s UPSIDE DOWN, and Angie Sandro’s DARK SACRIFICE. All of us are enjoying release day today, and all of us were equally thrilled to see our books go up on Amazon late last night (for more on that, go here).

And, a good friend of mine, Rachel Brune, also shares this release week! Her debut, COLD RUN, is about a cranky spy who may also be a werewolf!

Remember: if you read a book, please go write a quick review on one of the retail sites, it really helps others decide whether or not to buy our books, and drives sales like you wouldn’t believe.

In the meantime, feel free to use this as an excuse to celebrate today, have champagne, smile at a stranger, do a happy dance, treat yourself. Have a great day!

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